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Bistra Lalova

Bistra Lalova serves as a Senior Designer at Signature Design Group, where she has distinguished herself as a design lead over the past twelve years. Her meticulous eye for detail and profound knowledge greatly contribute to the overall growth of the company. Born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, Bistra pursued her passion for design, earning her degree in Interior Design from the esteemed New York School of Interior Design.

As a cornerstone of Signature Design Group, Bistra is actively involved in all company projects, supervising every phase of the design process. Her approach to her work is grounded in a balance between functionality and innovation. While striving for cutting-edge design, Bistra consistently ensures that her work aligns with each client's unique personal style and specific needs.

Now residing in Staten Island, her chosen hometown, Bistra cherishes her time with her husband and son. Away from her professional commitments, she enjoys an array of activities including swimming, hiking, and exploring the vibrant streets of New York City. A devotee of chocolate, she starts her day with this sweet treat, finds solace in a good book, and frequently showcases her vocal talent during car journeys.

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